Bad days just happen

When I was in Florence, I had some nights that were a bit hard to bear. Like something was missing or not quite right, though everything went just fine and by all means I had no reason to feel that way.

I had this habit to light a candle in the middle of scented herbs when I was in Italy and, while it is no longer a habit, I did it today. It helps.

I thought those nights in Italy were due to my dove, but the truth is that bad days just happen. Nothing is perfect, nor it will ever be and that is good. Because perfect is boring and don’t I know it!

Fortunately, I do take care of future me and two of my passed actions yelded good outcomes today. Just in time to validate one decision I almost made before that and I will follow up with now. After all, I have nothing to lose that I wouldn’t just lose anyway considering I dislike where I am and I’ve been here only a minute…