J’aime… encore

Yesterday I wanted to add a photo about what ‘I love’ saying ‘…drinking wine with friends’, but the encounter was so full of events and emotions that I just…was too busy being there to remember to take a photo of us drinking wine.

This is one of those times when it would have been better off if there was less excitement, for no other reason than that I have had enough of it for at least another three months ( I figure that would be enough to get settled in my new job and finish step one and two of my new project).

Nonetheless being with these people is always a joy and inspiration.

I got two validations this year…maybe even three, for behaviours that are more bad than good. It depends on the context, I guess this time they were good.

For one, I insisted to take my installation to Florence myself instead of shipping it through a courier and right around the time I would have had to ship it if I would have chosen this option, there were a lot of problems with couriers. There were artists and not only, even companies, that never got their packages delivered, they just puffed. Also, there were some issues with the return of artworks from the biennial, but it is quite hard to get a artwork out of Italy even if it is your own. So, good choice, no problem what’s so ever, except having to travel with 4! laguges – still chipper than courier + flight tickets for me+ approval to take the work (your work!) out of Italy (40 euro).

For second, I “give up” on relationships too fast, only that the last one was with a person who has serious abandonment issues and more that this, she is addictive. Only it’s not with you, but with an image she created of the perfect person. And you just happen to be there. She is charming and fascinating, but psycho… not like I’m playing at being psycho, but for real. Walk away! I just found out from a friend who had a similar experience, what a longer (and professional!) relationship with such a person means. Walk away! Fast! It is hard, I know. This brilliant, charming, gorgeous person!💖 Walk away!

Thirdly, I lied to a person I ended up falling in love with …does it count I didn’t love her when I lied? -ish, cause I said only half the truth …for the record, I hate lying, but I am very good at it. Anyway, I still talk to my dove (why?), not for long though …I am handling it 😅

I could fall in love with someone else. I really really could! #fuckdovebrain