The #fml moment

…when I realized the new project is, from a technical point of view, more about mechanics than electronics.

It is good that I got the electronics part quite in hand. I also did some experiments with motors before dedicating myself fully to Community lights. As for the programming part I do not worry. If I don’t know how to, I will figure it out. No problem. Just a matter of time.

But the mechanics! Now that’s exciting and new and … I have always loved physics in all is majesty, so the fact that this new path is taking me through more of the field is quite welcoming and fulfilling.

For now, I focused on what I know though, which is playing with lights and sensors.

The lamps will have several versions:
RGB led programmed in a certain sequence or with remote control

This video doesn’t exist

One led in a certain color representing a feeling.

Three LEDs that react to the environment:

  • One default LED
  • One LED reacts to someone getting close
  • One LED reacts to sound

This last one will be more interesting with colored LEDs but I do not have any of 12V at the moment and the ones at 5V do not make enough light.

See how it was made here.




All of this awokeded an older idea of mine that involves optics and that I should consider in the future as it is in my head for over a decade 😳.