The B plan

I like to have a B plan … always. Sometimes even a C plan.

Sometimes I just go in blind, but once I open my eyes, you better be sure I have a B plan.

Now, I came to Florence to exhibit Community lights and end properly this Era of the Snail inspiration. However, I also brought Equally diverse, just in case something might go wrong with the first one.

As soon as I got to my home in Florence, which I love by the way, I installed Equally diverse just to make it feel even more like home. I am going to spend a month here after all.

And it works perfectly. No issue what’s so ever.

This video doesn’t exist

So, at least, the B plan works.

I’m sure the A plan will be just fine too, but I got to thinking that I should have applied with Equally diverse instead. However, this installation wouldn’t exist if I didn’t apply to Florence Biennale. I am not sure if Community lights would have been finished by now either. And many other things would not have happened, like meeting my dove


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