Ready, set, go!

There were three days planned for the set-up of Florence Biennale and I thought I will assemble my installation in two days…

…just that I had to move my installation from one space to another. Fortunately, I only unpacked and the organizer was kind enough to help me move them.

So, I almost finished assembling it the first day…

The second day, while I was waiting for the electrical circuit to be set-up, so I can connect the installation, I talked to the curator and decided to move the installation in a better position. #muchlove ❤️

This meant I had to set it up again. I am so NOT complaining, but I was so tired.

…and a lamp wasn’t working, so I had to go on the third day too after I fixed the lamp.

So, I guess the A plan looks just fine in the end. 😁

Let’s see what’s next…


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