Here we go…

I pride myself in being and doing things on time. More than this, if I have a deadline, things will be finished way before it.

However, there are periods in which time gets away from me. This summer was one of these periods. Where did it go? I couldn’t tell you because where I’ve been it still doesn’t feel real to me. Doing so much in such a short period of time and finding something I am passionate about and really good at that has nothing to do with art is both wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Art is supposed to be who I am and all I am, but, hey, why limit myself (apart from the I can’t do it all bla bla bla … bullshit). Fortunately that is over now, but it did cause me to finish everything later than normally, although… What would I have done with my life if I did finish earlier? … Yeah, I’m sure I would have figured it out 😆

I am in Italy for the Florence Biennial, where I am going to show Community lights. I meant to say something during the summer, but I had no… awareness of time passing in the whole I was in.

Community Lights is an installation composed of seven objects made of netted rope. As people walk around the assembly, they will change the state of the objects from lighted to turned off and vice versa, unintentionally, just by passing by. The viewers pick who shines and who doesn’t, but it is not a deliberate choice. The installation is meant to draw attention on how simple actions can affect the environment and people around us without us realizing it.

Will keep you posted with how it goes… I hope 😅


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