Working on The perfect home is my perfect home


This project started like a search in a moment when I felt like I had no place both physically and spiritually and although I still do not feel like I have a physical place, I no longer feel the need for one. During the search I got to the conclusion that my perfect home is a state of mind; it’s something that I have with me all the time, wherever I am. It’s that state of mind that helps me to find my equilibrium and at this very moment it has something to do with the repetitiveness of netting a rope. And so it follows that for as long as I feel at home working on this, I will keep the project going, even if the search is done and the visual expression of The perfect home is completed. Keeping the project going is not hard to do since during my search I concluded that home is never complete, that it has to grow with you. So the visual expression of it will change in time and will grow or become smaller depending on my


needs and ideas.

Ideas are not something I lack either. This summer, I’m going to show you how I made the Guardians of The perfect home become the guardians of the house I actually live in. Also, I’m going to show you the second version of The perfect home (the first version had two versions too – trial and error has a lot to do with my creative process). So, yes, the visual expression changed already. It got from plant friendly to cat friendly, although my cat hates places he is allowed in, but he will come around.

Also, more ideas are on the way, taking this project from an individual to a community point of view. So the fun will continue a while longer and my home… well, my home will always be making art.


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