Thoughts by the sea

20170501_085639Last weekend I went to Balcic & 2 Mai because that’s what people do here on 1st of May, they go to the seaside. On Monday morning, while I was waiting for my friends to wake up, I went to the beach and spent some quiet, quality time with the sea. Looking at it for some time I realized that although the sea is the same, it is ever changing at the same time. The sun shining on it and the wind make the sea seem different at every breath. I realized I could stay there looking at the waves forever…

… but then, my friends woke up and we went on about our business. But wouldn’t it be great if, you know, we didn’t have to do anything? I guess in that case there would really be people that would just gaze at the sea for as long as they live. I do have some artworks in mind at which I could look for a very long time, if I had nothing else to do, even forever…



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