Hate free zone

During my vacation in Prague I went to see the DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art. It was my fav20170607_105942orite part of the trip, but I’m not going to talk about what I saw inside. Instead I’m going to tell you how I saw what I saw.

On the front door there is a sticker that says ‘Hate free zone’. To comply, I had to leave my hate at the wardrobe. That was nice.

Thinking back at how I walked through that museum and how I walk through any [contemporary/ modern art] museum, I realized that I do it with an open mind. I do not expect to understand everything, but I want to, at least, try. I also do not expect to like everything, but I know that what I don’t like isn’t bad, it belongs there and most certainly inspires someone else. I like walking through museums with other people with this state of mind because we each see something different and sharing our views makes the experience richer.20170607_105553

I like that society becomes more accepting of different people and all their ideas, so different from the usual that people might deem them crazy. As long as you do not hurt anyone, I do not care what you do, even if you marry a train station. I want to live in a world where people are free to marry  whatever they like (or whoever they like that likes them back) and where those judging them are a minority (I do not say that they shouldn’t exist, everyone has the right to exist and without them we couldn’t appreciate the good people as much).


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