One does not simply have a favorite…

… when there is so much good art around.

I was asked what was my favorite miniature at Miniartetxtil – To weave dreams and I don’t know what to say. I like something about most of them.

For some, I really like the title. For instance, this was a show-stopper for me. I was just walking around the artworks, thinking what a pretty bird and being ready to just move on…

Ruta Naujalyte – My love, I will eat you alive

… when I saw the title and thought: ‘Please, don’t eat the pretty birdie’. This turned into a nightmare fast. Please, don’t eat the pretty birdie!

14690890_663874820445986_5434281166141476978_nThe miniature presented by Trish Ramsay also has a title that makes you wonder, I dreamed I saved a drowning box. The art work looks so fragile and ephemeral, like it is floating in another world… one in which boxes can drown… a dream world (well, not really a dream for the box, but for the saviour).

14484649_1188122641258406_3740136606727996431_nAnother work I like a lot is Fragile dreams by Krisztina Vigh. The work is a pile of empty pill foils connected by threads, but what you can’t see in this photo is that each foil has card numbers in the corners. The work has a second title, Lucky cards, although I believe there’s some irony in that because people that rely on pills to escape a reality they can’t cope with aren’t getting lucky. The first title of the work points out to the fact that their new reality, although looking like a dream at first could easily turn to a nightmare, one worst than the reality they ran from because they can’t escape this one so easily.

You might think there’s a pattern to the things I liked at this exhibition when I’m going to say I also like this next one:

Dreams of shelter by Cristina Gamez

This work speaks to me of a situation when your life lacks something you really need, specifically a shelter, but it could be anything as vital to you, and despite all, you still dare to dream of it. I believe this work brings comfort to people, either by telling them that they are not alone in feeling that way or, if they found their shelter, by reminding them that dreams come true.

Now it’s time to break the pattern by introducing this art work, which is all hope, color and all the best To the next generation!

Atsushi Sato – To the next generation

A work that was the favorite of many and is also in the spirit of winter is coming, but regarded in a peaceful, dreamy and positive way, is that of Anne Marie Bertrand.

Midwinter night’s dream

And to end this post, I will show you another winner of this exhibition: Birute Kaupaite Dominaite and the miniature that says what we all wish – Do not steal my dreams.






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