The wonderful nightmare

During the opening of Miniartetxtil 2016 – To weave dreams, I also met Gertraud Enzinger, who made a wonderful representation of a nightmare. Now, you may think wonderful and nightmare do not belong in the same sentence, but they do when it comes to art. Why? Because art (visual art in this case) can make something abstract become concrete by enabling you to visualize it. And that is wonderful!nightmare-1

When I went around the Miniartextil exhibition and saw Gertraud’s work, my first thought was: ‘I feel you’. That is a nightmare, any nightmare. There is a shape like a cloud, that could also represent the brain, but it’s made of metal which is rigid, not the soft and ever changing matter that makes the clouds or that which makes the brain. Everything is very edgy, like it’s in distress and there are spikes coming out of it like all those thoughts that are piercing our dreams and turning them to nightmares.

What resonated the most with me from this work is that the spikes are the base of the artwork. And there is nothing worst for a dreamer than to be grounded, even if somewhat unstable or especially so…



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