See it with your own eyes

There are three artists on my must see list that also exhibited at this year’s Miniartextil – To weave dreams:

Janet Echelman, who is my favorite textile artist ❤


Numen / For Use, which was the most fun art experience so far 😀

and Nao Kimura, whose “Methamorphosis” turned out to be my favorite installation at this exhibition.


Not only that the installation is so dreamlike and fragile, but it also moves, ever so slightly, making it even more out of this world. The movement was something I never gathered from photos, proving once more that it is far better to see an artwork in person than only in photos. I was so mesmerized, I spent most of the time there looking at it.

I saw Nao Kimura at the opening of Miniartextil and, while she seems fragile, like her works, she is very much human. What was I expecting? Well, I swear, I thought she was a fairy with butterfly wings, floating above ground. I mean, just look at her!


It is always wonderful to see that a person can create something so beautiful!


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