Art that brings you home

During the opening of Miniartextil 2016 – To weave dreams in Como, Italy, I had the pleasure of meeting María Muñoz, who is the winner of the prize Arte&Arte of this year’s exhibition.

El silencio

Apart from the delight that is her and her husband’s company, the dreamlike landscape that is her work changed into something more when she told me what was the idea that guided her hands.


See! There is a biker making it’s way to the house on a strand. It represents a journey, see above the pieces of maps inserted in the work, a journey inside one’s self, where they would find a place of peace, equilibrium and silence. A home. This resonated so much with me since my work revolves around the idea that home is something inside of us, a state of mind rather than a place. No wonder we got along so well!

Also, the house is made of tea bags sawn together with branches. I love art made of tea bags. It never ceases to amaze me!

Check out more of her art on ! It’s a treat! 😀



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