Colors in love

I thought lately about the fact that I do not seem to have a favorite color any more. The context in which I see a color is more important: the colors around it. I guess I like certain combinations of colors, rather than the colors alone. This got me to think about how it came to be this way, because I grew up to be a blue kind of person, but I ended up to be a rainbow kind.

I have always liked blue. I used to dress mostly in blue, until…


… my mother made this orange sweater for me. Here I was in my last year at the University, working on my weaver, but I have the sweater since high school and I still wear it when I work in my studio, although it almost turned to rags… ok, you can scratch the “almost” 😛 Anyway, it’s because of this sweater that I like orange. I liked it so much that it didn’t matter to me that I did not like the color. Orange used to be on my dislike list of colors alongside yellow and pink. Now, it’s on my most favorite list.

I also remember the exact moment when I started to like green. It happened when I was drawing a portrait of a friend and I realized that her eyes weren’t entirely green. They were orange around the pupil and they blended into green towards the extremity of the iris. I just loved the combination so much that it stuck with me. I used to not like green eyes until then, but they hide an entire universe of colors.

Three years ago red caught my eyes, but I always liked red… heads. Well, natural red hair is more orange. 😛 But I liked redheads of the dyed kind. I wanted to dye my hair red since I was little… and have curls too. I do not remember why red caught my eye three years ago, but it indexcould be because of my new (at the time) glasses that have a red line on the frame… which I subconsciously see ALL the time.

I do not have a personal relationship with yellow and purple, yet, but I do not dislike them. The jury is still out on pink though. There is very little I do not like about colors any more. This is because more than five years ago I bumped on Leonid Afremov, on the internet, of course. It is at this point that I went color crazy and had no preference for a particular color when I painted. If anything, I favor the rainbow and this was only made worse by Gaga’s unicorns and ARTPOP era.


Do you remember when you started to like your favorite color(s) and why?


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