A moment when anything can happen…

I was sitting in bed today, with the laptop on my lap, pretty much like I am sitting right now. The cat was sleeping at my feet and the sun was spreading a beautiful light through the curtains. I was listening to music that makes me feel like it’s Christmas every day and doing something on the computer that I must do, which is always a very annoying thing. Doing something because I must is one of my least favorite things to do, no matter what it is I must do. Despite that, I was feeling very good. I actually liked it. There was something about that moment that made me stop and just enjoy it, while sipping from my tea cup. It’s as if some fairy sprinkled her magic dust over me and all my thoughts were positive.

There is also something very peaceful about my cat sleeping. It always relaxes me to see him sleep, even if his sleep isn’t always peaceful. He is really cute when he moves his whiskers in his sleep or he kicks at something that isn’t there with his paws.

I figured what’s so special about this Saturday evening. It is a moment of waiting. That moment when the dice are  cast and you wait to see the outcome. A moment when things can go either way.

What’s really nice about this moment is that the future is unpredictable either way it goes and I can sit here and imagine anything I want and I so like to imagine stuffs or I can just enjoy the present, which is what I plan to do, because it feels like it’s the calm before the storm…

I know I said that I was thinking happy thoughts, but the tea is over, my cat woke up and my fairy cannot fly anyway…



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