From fairyland to anything-land

I went on Friday at a gallery in Bucharest I haven’t been to before, Galeria Tipografia. It is a place that reminded me of my encounter with the artistic world of Leipzig. Tipografia Gallery is situated in a place that used to be part of a factory, but that it wasn’t used any more for that purpose. I love places like this because they are everything a contemporary art gallery should be – a place that you can transform as you please. As far as these transformations go, at this event, the artists drew on the floor a map of the Earth and invited everyone that came in to draw on the map where they were born, where they travelled, where they would like to travel/live.

DSCN0804 DSCN0806

The event was called My memory/ Your history and was organized by The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop.

After I left the gallery I walked to the subway station, not the closest one, but one that was near a park. I did not feel like going straight home, so a longer walk seemed appropriate. Maybe a stop in the park and some reading and an icecream. Until I reached the park I walked on a boulevard I was seeing for the first time that had the potential to be a very “European” like place except it had a lot of empty space due to lack of buildings. While empty space (which in a town is translated by a green space… usually) is good, unattended green spaces are kinda creepy, but one of those places was behind a fence that had some sort of doors from place to place that looked like the doors to a fairyland in ruin…


… a fairyland with only one… spider-fairy


… a very productive spider-fairy…


I did struggle to stop myself from photographing all of this fairy’s work… especially since the place looked more like a fairyland ravaged by soldiers…


Do not be fooled by the enchanting sunlight!

And I kept walking along with fairy tales in my head and being in a very happy place, because a fairyland in ruin isn’t a reason of sadness for me, but it means that there is a place for rebirth and a place that can become anything in the future.


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