Standing still

Yesterday, I’ve been at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. I always find inspiration there and this time I discovered a Romanian artist that I really like. His name is Mircea Suciu and one of the works exhibited was an installation called “Dust to dust”.

Have a better look at it here:

I like how the characters blend with each other and the environment and how everything seems to flow from one drawing to another. This makes it harder to look at the drawings as individual ones. When I first looked at this installation I regarded it more like an abstract composition, seeing the people as shapes dissolving into the background. I could feel the revolutionary and political vibes, but I wasn’t going to look deeper, when I got to this drawing…


…. I saw that figure that is standing still. Then I went back and looked at all the figures. Everyone seems to be rushing somewhere or being consumed by what they are doing or where they are going (specifically here, they are consumed by fear)… and then there’s that guy, just standing there…

At this point the whole piece became about how society (which is made of us) is forcing individuals to become what it wants them to be, so they would fit in. What some people don’t understand is that when you try to fit in somewhere you lose yourself. There is a place for everyone and if you are patient enough and keep your eyes open, you’ll find it. I know how hard it is because I lack patience, which makes me think I should change my morning roller skating stroll in the park with slow walking, not to remind myself to take it one step at a time, but to remind myself to stand still sometimes, especially in a time … of strong emotions…


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