Inside the Placenta

I already told you about Andrea‘s art installation “Placenta”, but I must also tell you that I was fortunate enough to see it in person. Uhuuu! 😀

It is one of those works that when I see it in a photo I feel like I need “to breathe near it”. The funny thing this time is that this work actually smells… and very good too. When I entered in it the very first thing that overwhelmed me was the smell of the wool. It was so nice! And it feels so soft to touch! I love that this work is interactive and you can touch and smell it! I always feel the need to touch and smell textile work, although in most cases you cannot do that. And you could also spin with it! uhiiii! 😀


Adding to the magic I was telling you about is the fact that light gets through the fabric. The mild light gives a peaceful feeling. I was really happy to be in there.


This is Andrea, the artist behind the work, inside her work. 🙂




  1. I was almost touching and smelling “Placenta” while seeing all these pictures and reading this article. Great job you both! (Thumbs up)

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