Artist’s hands

In December 2013, the day before my trip to France, I went at a handmade paper workshop at Atelierul de carte. What else was I going to do the day before I was leaving on a flight at six in the morning? I thought it was going to be the push I needed to start making my own handmade paper. It wasn’t. But I met some very nice people…

… and a year later I went back and got my hands molded … twice

One mould, they turned into a lamp…

And I made mine into a self-portrait


Since I use rope for my work, it felt just right to add it to the hands 🙂


You can also get your hands molded from handmade paper if you visit them at The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant – Monetăriei Street, no. 3, Bucharest. It’s a really fun and steamy experience 😀 And you will ENJOY the company 😉

The workshops take place on

16 – 17th of May, from 10am to 8pm

18 – 21st of May, from 5pm to 9pm

23rd of May, from 10am to 9pm

They are part of the project Luminish, initiated by Razvan Supuran, who has been doing handmade paper for more than ten years and is a very creative and nice person. He works with a couple of young people that are nice and fun to be around.

On 24th of May, from 11am to 6pm, there will be an exhibition.

If you are in Bucharest during the workshops, do go. It is a great place to be! 😀


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