Room drawing

On the 2nd of May, I was at Spinnerei in Leipzig during the Spring Gallery Tour when all the galleries and workshops hosted at the former cotton factory are open to the public.There I saw “Placenta”.

In one of the galleries, the first room seemed empty, but there were people walking around in it, so I went in too. I made a few steps in and there was a wire hanging a few inches from my face. I doubled back and went around it. There were several wires with rocks hanging from them  to keep them straight. I didn’t know what to make of them, but the next room answered all my questions.

1 2

The rooms were “filled” with those installations made of wire, glass and wood, that gave the illusion of glass where there was only wire and of a complete space where it was, in fact, incomplete. I was in awe. I think this is just about as immaterial as a material work can be.

3 4

The artist responsible for this amazing work is Jong Oh. He expresses best what these installations are all about:

I build spatial structures of lines, planes and shadows.  These structural elements connect and intersect each other depending upon the movement and angle of the audience’s perspective.  The audience disorients within these vague boundaries of three dimensionality and flatness, intention and unintention, completion and destruction.  The viewer’s experience becomes a meditation on perception’s delicate whim.


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