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To quote Lulu Miller, “if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the ears are the fucking doors!”

Thanks to a friend I found some really amazing… no,no… delightful podcasts, because she introduced me to Lulu Miller (meaning she gave me this link http://creativemornings.com/talks/lulu-miller/1), who has a radio show, Invisibilia, and was producer of Radiolab for five years or more.

I’ve been listening to the podcasts for some time and on a certain, very inspiring Saturday, when I got the idea to do Out of the box, I was listening to the last episode of the first season of Invisibilia, which talks about the influence of computers in our lives. During the radio show, Alix and Lulu talked to and about Thad Stainer, who is the first person to wear computers. And the first time he did this was in the ’90. My only thought was: “Here’s a person truly out of the box”.

I was saying when I described my miniature that a person is born in a box and then he/she may create their own box, but for me they are truly outside the box, if their new box contains the box they were born in, what they added and they are alone in it or with a few people, because we rarely do things truly alone [edit from 2019, 30th December, actually 😅]. Like Thad Stainer, at least at first. Grant him, he did drag all or most of us with him, with all the smartphones and whatnot.

Otherwise your box, might actually be a box within the box you were born in, like for this guy: David McDermott, which is no less impressive! He is an artist that decided when he was 19 that he does not want to keep up with the changing present. He picked a time in history and decided to live in it. So, he lives in the 19th Century ever since and he is really old now. I heard his story on a podcast from Radiolab, I listened to that same Saturday.

I love days like this when everything aligns to what you are doing. They are so very rare, but that’s what makes them so very delightful. 😀

Here are the podcasts:


Feel free to explore some more once you are there! 😉

Featured image from imgkid.com.


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  1. Gotta love the idea of the guy who decided to live in another century. Kudos to him. And to you for letting me know this through your post.

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