Snails calling

After my last trip abroad I thought I should see more of the country I live in. After some thought, I realized I should know all the galleries in Bucharest and visit a museum at least once a week. Then I realized I don’t have time, money, [insert reason here].

So, I am a comfortable, lazy person, that needs a reason to go somewhere. I usually go somewhere for an event I want to attend. One would suggest that an exhibition should be such an event. One would suggest that, as an artist, I should be more curious about what’s around me. That one person is somewhere in my head, but I rarely hear it.

Anyway, I got out of my lazy mode last week. There was an opening of an exhibition this Saturday and I kinda wanted to see it, so I asked some friends if they wanted to go. Because the exhibition was in a small town near Bucharest that has a really nice park around the Brancovenian palaces, I thought it would also make for a nice going out. By the time they decided, I already made up my mind to go, even if alone. Something was calling me.

And when I got there, I found out what: the artist whose works were exhibited there, Eugenia Pop, was inspired by snails. 😀


And more than this, she was inspired by the same snail shell I was for my Three friends. 😀 So cool!


Another nice thing was that the friend who was with me noticed this before I did and was like: “Look!Look! They look like your friends!” and I was like “I wonder if snails inspired her too” and they did! 😀



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