Awed by chance

When I visited Musée d’Ixelles I saw a retrospective of Gao Xingjian‘s works. He is a Chinese writer, who, actually, won a Nobel Prize for literature. So what is he doing in an visual arts gallery? Well, he paints too. And if his writing is half as good as his painting, I should read him. You should read him.

It so happens that I had, yet another, bad morning. I was walking in the rain from the Museum of Natural Science, where I left with a headache because some hundred kids screaming in the same room may do that to one person, no matter how big the room is. So I was pretty gloomy when I entered Museum d’Ixelles. Maybe I was in the perfect mood to see his paintings.

At first I just saw random splashes of black ink…

… but then they didn’t feel so random..

…and then…

… I saw people on a road and on the side of the road…

… walking… waiting… in a sort of apocalyptic landscape…


I was so fascinated, I looked at some painting for minutes.

It calmed me and made me happy. Something new. Something beautiful. Something unexpected. Something inspiring.

My favorite painting is this one:




  1. Made me totally curious about his writing. I’ll read his works when I get my first chance.

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