365 mornings

A year and a while ago I had a few friends who were counting the days on Facebook. They had something to look forward to. Fair enough. But I thought I wouldn’t like counting the days until something important was happening. It would depress me. I actually don’t even like to be asked about events I’m looking forward to. On the other hand, counting the days for no reason seemed really fun. So I did. I picked a day and started counting backwards until a year from that day past. The last day was Friday, the 20th of March 2015. For each day counted I posted a photo taken that morning. Mostly are random photos or photos of my cat, but some morning were really beautiful and I had several photos to pick from. Here are some I didn’t post:


The one above ended up on my Instagram, though, along with this next one, that ended up in the count too:


Most of the pretty photos are of the lake or the sky, though sometimes I found other nice things to photograph, apart from my cat, who’s the prettiest sight 😀

You can check the photos on FB.

The first morning:


The last morning:




  1. That picture with the two kitties sleeping on one another on that branch has to be the prettiest thing ever.

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