Friends, art, chocolate and beer in Belgium

At the opening of the exhibition, Doerte introduced me to Andrea, one of her friends from the US, who’s doing an artist residency in Leipzig, Germany. She did not take part in the exhibition, but I want to show you her work nonetheless, because she is weaving and does interactive installations like this one:

It’s called Placenta and I like how it creates a place of refuge. I also regard it as something magical, because when you enter in it, it seems to me like you could discover an even bigger world, which is the world inside yourself. Do check out her site for more great art works!

I enjoyed very much talking to Andrea, so much so that next day we went together to Brussels: she was going back to Germany and I… well… I just walked around the city. It was a nice sunny Sunday. We went to a great place, called Café-Tasse, which is a must go to place in Brussels as far as I’m concerned. Even more so than the Royal Museum of Art. I mean, art is good, but Belgian chocolate is better. Maybe not better than their sculptures…

Saint John the Baptist and Evangelist Church in Mechlen, Belgium

I do love the sculptures from Belgium! So expressive!

La vierge folle by Rik Wouters from Musee D’Ixelles, Brussels

Brussels is very beautiful on sunny Sundays… only… on sunny Sundays… or after a beer… they do have very… VERY GOOD beer. 😀 Even if you are rather a wine kind of person, do drink Kriek at Theatre Toone. You will change your mind about wine and beer. And yes, you can drink beer at a theatre and still have class. Only in Belgium! 😀

Oh, another great thing about Belgium is that it is the birth country of The Smurfs and Tintin. I did not know that. I felt like such an ignorant when I got there! :))) This did make me really happy: walking around and seeing Tintin everywhere. 😀




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