International Textile Art Exhibition in Haacht, Belgium – Three + 1 friends

The exhibition was really, really nice and was visited by LOTS of people. It seems Goody got a little shy and had to rely on Jolly, but that’s what friends are for.


I like the way the curator placed the work because it makes you want to go all around them. It also makes me want to cuddle them, but they are my babies. 🙂

Belgium is a very small country, as I’m sure you know, and you can take the bus from one city to another. There were no accommodations in Haacht, where the gallery was, so I was staying in a hostel, which I dearly recommend, from a near city, Leuven. The very nice thing is that not only people from all over the country came to see the exhibit, but from all over Europe. The curator said that this was the most successful exhibit they organized! Go textiles! 😀

I met there some amazing people. The first I want to talk to you about is Doerte Weber. She greeted me when I went to deliver my work to the gallery. Then, we found out we were taking the bus to the same city, so we talked a bit more on our ways to and from the gallery. She gave me some great advices and I found out a lot of interesting things, but something that would interest you, should you ever go to Belguim, is this chocolate factory in Leuven. You won’t regret going there! 😀

As amazing as Doerte is as a person, she is an even more amazing artist. Unfortunately, I do not have any good photos of her work at the exhibit, because some photos I took turned out to be out of focus. Oh well… But I can still show you what they looked like from her site, which I encourage you to take a look at.

Told you! Amazing! And the reason she is one of my favorite people is because she does not have an art degree. I do not think you need one to be an artist and it definitely does not stop Doerte from making expressive works that are so worth seeing! And she weaves… I could stop there! She weaves!

To be continued…. muahahaha 😀


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