Taking my friends to Belgium

First of all, let me introduce you to them:





and Sly


In truth, they are all slimy since they are inspired by the shell of a snail. I made the three objects as part of a project to find The perfect home for which I’ve been searching for two years and that is currently a work in progress. I will finish my perfect home this year and in duplicate too, one to exhibit and one for my cat, who loves to sleep in the project. I don’t know if he’ll love it as much when it’s done or he’ll get bored by then. I guess we’ll see when the time comes. I’m having a great time working on it nonetheless. But I have to stop, to take the Three friends to Belgium, to the International Textile Art Biennial at Kunststichting Perspektief Vzw.

Until I return with some Jolly, Goody… slimy >_< stories, I’ll leave you with a image of my three friends in the summer, when it was nice and sunny. 🙂


Sly is looking at you, kid! 😀



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