My selves gathered for a drink…

… in a beer can frame


As they drink and chat, I want to tell you a bit about them.

The cat drinks wine, because he is a French royalty.

The snail is drinking … well, it really doesn’t matter… it’s all the same to him.

The frog is the fabulous person at the table, life of the party and even sits on a dragon’s egg. So fab! He’s drinking beer…

… just like the monkey. Another fab character… so fabulous, she doesn’t need to say it every Friday.

The spider… is just hanging in there… trying not to freak out anybody. But how could she… she’s so cute and helpful. ^-^

And then there’s the wolf… who isn’t drinking, because somebody has to drive.

There is a part of me that I share with a dear friend and who did not fit in the frame… the owl…

… because the owl is the frame. 😉


The owl keeps everything together and recycles all the broken parts. Tough job, but she’s a mighty being and so not alone. 🙂


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