If I were…

… a character in Game of thrones, I would have my own House (of course, I’d be Lady [Something], how else), which would be called Sainclaire or Chantalier or Enfoiré, something French, just because. The name is not really important, but the words of my House would be: “Do what you can” and my banner would be a tiger stepping on the head of a lion and with a dragon on the shoulder.


Not very modest, but we do what we can… to stay alive… like Littlefinger and Varys do… which makes me think a better banner for the House would be this


C…raven… get it?

Of course, since I’m moody I could just change banners on a whim and then when you think you’re safe with me I could have your throat cut like Walden Frey did with the Starks. I just noticed I like this character despite him killing one of my favorites, Lady Catelyn. I suppose with so many dying, some characters I like are bound to kill each other at some point. 😛

And since we are talking about words of Houses, Stannis should change the House Baratheon’s words to : “Bored to death”.  -.-

Drawings made by me ^.^


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