Tick and Tack sitting in the tree

I have a thing for trees. Beyond the expressiveness of the branches and the fact that drawing them was a big win for me when I first did that right, trees give me a feeling of protection. I guess I’m a monkey at heart. Due to this feeling of protection it felt natural to combine trees with the idea of motherhood. Back in 2010, I did a gift for my mother on this idea.


Last year, I wanted to remake it as a clock, but during the process, as it so often happens, I changed my mind a bit and made the clock with leaves. My mother’s birthday is in autumn and I feel that this season reflects best the passing of time. So things fell into place just as naturally as in 2010.

8 8_1

The branches create a sort of shelter … like time stops inside… just like for your mother you’re stuck at being her child. This thought I find comforting even if your mother can’t really protect you any more from a point on. If anything the roles reverse. So the shelter is an illusion… the tick-tack sound it makes does not help much either. 😛


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