Pawmade t-shirts

I’ve been meaning to write about the t-shits for some time, but got distracted with other things like




DSCN4944 …or was it just Mylene 😛

and the most important, my Little Tiger


Sometime last year (November, I think) I decided to make t-shirts with masks on them, but this post is not about them. I will present some examples soon. 😉

When I was thinking about Christmas gifts for my friends, I realized most of us had something in common: we had / liked cats. Since I decided to make t-shirts, I made a series of cat t-shirts as Christmas presents: Keep calm and – meow, purr, pet a cat, play with cats, draw a cat.

What is special about them is that I made them in collaboration with my precious Little Tiger, who left his paws on the back of the t-shirts. It was a fun and creative day… at least for me – my cat was a bit more eager to leave his paws elsewhere than on the t-shirt, but we worked out something. 🙂

Sorry for the poor quality images. I took those when I made the t-shirts… and somehow… I don’t know how, I got lazy and didn’t take proper photos. 😛


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