In the memory of…

DSCN3092The book-object “In the memory of…” is a very special book for me. It reminds me of stuffs….

I made it one November day, when i was cleaning. I decided to look through my old (not sure that’s a proper word since I’m young… past would be better) projects and I found some stuffs I did when I was working for my Bachelor degree – The weaver. Among those things was a fabric with pieces of plastic in it, that I weaved in that period. I decided to use it as cover for the book and made it the home of a little spider I did a year later for a costume.

1What I find very special about it is that this book does not only show how books can have a new life, but other things as well.


I do like modifying older (that word again – .-) projects and have them change with me.



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