Niki de Saint Phalle is a great inspiration for me. I was looking at her shinny mosaics and thought it is nice that you can see yourself and the world around you in them, but differently. So, i took a CD, I broke it and made a collage of the pieces, then put them back in the original state. The putting back together was fun because I love doing puzzles. Puzzles are our way of defeating death, because solving a puzzle is like solving a mystery and there is no greater mystery than death. And even if you emerge with cracks of missing pieces is still a win, because you can always choose to assemble the pieces differently and be complete in a different way. Here, Niki de Saint Phalle is a real inspiration because she rebuilt herself through art.

Niki_de_saint-phalle,_giardino_dei_tarocchi,_imperatrice,_interno,_mosaico_di_specchi_02Niki de Saint Phalle – interior of the Empress from the Tarot Garden/ Tuscany

1                        the CD in its original form

2                                    the collage


              the pieces put back as the original CD


I used the collage on a page of a book I’m working on, called Je veux… In this book where I put my wishes. In this case I want to go to the Tarot Garden.


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