Infinity book

In 2016, I made a book-object for DadA exhibition at Gallery, in Bucharest. The exhibition was organized in celebration of 100 years of Dada and I named my book, Infinity book in tribute to Brancusi. It turns out the book is really infinite, in that it can be continued forever. It is a shelter of inspiration, a land of freedom where I can make all the combinations and compositions that cross my mind.

The book is a collection of my ideas and experiments of unconventional weaving, united by netted rope, my signature technique. The book can be continued infinitely, but can also be displayed in a variety of ways. There is no right way to display it and it can adapt to any space. Just let your imagination run free! 😉

Chapter I

Exhibited at:

  • Book-object exhibition DadA, Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 22th June – 22th July 2016
  • Texpoart, Universitas Gallery, Iași, Romania, 1st – 29th November 2017


Chapters I & IIInfinity book chapter1_2

Chapter III


Chapter IVjhdr

First four chapters were exhibited at “Theatre under the moonlight” Festival, third edition, Quantic Pub, Bucharest, 1st – 16th July 2017.

Chapter V – Cacophony – the first chapter with a theme.cof

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