Random ideas after hours

Things that cross my mind as we speak:

I like to observe how I change my ideas as I learn more about the world around me, and hear other perspectives. It is a painfully fascinating process. I wonder if what I’ve been exposed to last weekend and seems extreme to me, will seem less extreme as I explore the view.

The brain needs time to register new information and even more time to create a new neuronal path that will replace the old one. If we were taught something since childhood and we never questioned that, just repeated it with no bad consequences for us, then that path will become an instinct in adulthood. If new information comes, the brain will resist it. If we decide to change our minds however, we need time and we need to be self aware and present in every moment because when we are not the known way will be followed by default, and become even more engraved. That’s why it is so hard to give up somking. You need to chose every day not to smoke until the path in your brain that demands cigarettes fades enough that it is no longer a go to. They say rip the band-aid, but you do not chose once and that’s it. You chose every day from then on until your brain gets the memo. For some it takes longer than other depending on how flexible the brain is.

I am used to changing my mind and challenging my point of view and I still resist a lot of ideas, particularly when the tone is aggressive or I feel that those ideas are imposed on me. Basically when I do not have time to digest them, and no one to have a constructive conversation with. Like if you tell me that the ideas you just said are postulated by people that are smarter than us, I promis you that the ones claiming the opposite are just as smart. Also they are probably not smarter than us, they are just more focused on one field they excel in, which may be the issue with their narrow view. I will only listen to a person who’s ideas belong to them. Yes, you read / heard that somewhere, but I would like the ideas to be asimilated and put it in the context of your life. Basically, turn the theory into something practical.

There is one line I heard last weekend that amused me to no end when a guy was postulating something pro-birds that sounded very much anti-humans, and when I challanged his view, he said: “I do not know biology, only theory”. By theory he meant philosophy.

It is weird that I need the theory regarding life to be practical since I am neither a practical person, nor do I like to pursue that in my art. Maybe I am becoming one though. I should observe this change process more closely. Should be interesting.

Sometimes the ideas I hear are just not right for me, but I can understand why someone would hold them. I believe more and more that we can coexist with different ideas so long as we understand we do not live in the same reality even if we live in the same time and space. It is not impossible, and not even that hard. All that is needed is for reality to be a flexible idea instead of a fixed one. How can we coexist though if reality is not something clearly stated? We need rules, right? Well, it can just be the rule that we should not deliberately harm someone, either physically or psychologically. The society in my fantasy world had only this rule. I should really write that book one day …one day 🤭

While I was writing this I paused several times to let other ideas that crossed my mind run through. They didn’t stay long enoght for me to write them down and these ideas I’ve written so far are turning into a conversation I do not want to get into at midnight. 😴


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