What to … 2022*

Since 2019, I started predicting how my year will go by how the first day of the year is.

This morning I felt a pressure from this and since otherwise the day felt like a normal Saturday, I decided not to do it.

Why I am still writing the post though?

Just to say that I predicted last year will be focused more on practical things than ever before and it happened this way to the extent that wether I want it or not, this year will be, for its first part at least, focused on practical stuff as well. I’m in the process of forgiving myself for putting myself in this situation. No matter the benefits, it kills my spirit.

I do something for the spirit as well, and it took the shape of a project I will do whatever it takes to see happen. I have never had this determination before for a project. It is the way I get when I want to go to a concert. I said at one point that if I would ever invest as much into my art as I do into going to concerts, I would be famous. Guess I’ll test that now.

So, no predictions. I’ll let this year surprise me. 🌟

*I did write 2023 instead of 2022 in the title at first …that will be the year with concerts -> Mylene Farmer and Stromae Zazie (2023 edit) 💫


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