My biggest distraction is my imagination

I am reading Deep work by Cal Newport and he is constantly arguing how social media is out biggest distraction. And he is right.

However, I have a worst enemy : my own imagination.

I might have mentioned before that in 2019 I lost my imaginary world, which I still mourn although I can go to it sometimes, but with great effort to stay there. I am more focused on my own ‘real’ life now.

I keep thinking that instead of trying to just live in my imaginary world in my brain which has became increasingly harder, I should instead put it on paper. Thanks to Cal Newport, I’m starting today a plan to write something, anything, from this imaginary world everyday.

I’m going to start easy and today, I will just note that when I can still go to my imaginary world, I go to, either the sanctuaries or the other side of the Veil. The sanctuaries are places where people live without eating, inspite of having physical bodies; they feed of energies from one another and the environment. The other side of the Veil is populated by two types of beings and is not a environment where humans can live in (with rare exceptions) because they would end up in a state of comatose and their energies would be devoured by the feas and the plants that live there, while they dream a perfect life. The feas are one of the beings on the other side of the Veil and they are (almost) pure energy. The other beings are… To be mentioned later 😁

So now, I guess there is no surprise I read a lot of fantasy books. I used to not read so much because I would have all the stories I needed in my head.

My imagination is also my greatest asset. Unfortunately, I spent most of my life without directing it in the right direction, or in any specific direction for that matter. It was just left to do as it pleased and it pleased to keep my away from my own physical life as much as possible.

Fortunately, an emotional shock woke me up to a life that is quite nice to live and I must say that I have done so much the past two years, have learned so much and have so many interests that make every day so very rich, that I’ve started to say I was born two years ago. 👶

I’m not sure if I will post here what I wrote daily although a public commitment might be more successful, it will also put a pressure on the writing I don’t find useful right now as it is not important what and how I write, just that I do. After a habit is in place, I can take care of the details.

*I do spend some large amounts of time still imagening things …anythings 🤷🏼‍♀️😅 and sometimes (too often) I let ideas get lost because I am too lazy or distracted to write them down on the moment. I envy Oliver Sacks for his ability to drop everything to write and idea down when it came to him.


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