The fashion of judging

Today I saw a short video about a guy wearing heels and skirts.

It’s not the first time I see something about him, but it is the first time I truly realize I judge people by what they wear (not that it is good or bad, ugly or nice) but who they are.

For instance, I was sure he is gay or trans, but he is neither. He is just a guy wearing heels. It is not the first time I find myself being wrong when I think that and I never really truly cared if I was wrong because I do not attach something negative or positive to being gay or trans, it’s just like being anything else, but I do have this random thought going through my brain : he looks like he is gay.

If you think about it, the ideas of what a gender should look like is, like any other human ideas, just in our heads. It has nothing to do with how things really are. Especially if you look at other animal species, the males are almost always the falmboyant ones.

Something else I got to thinking is that men have been wearing skirts for most of human history, including Jesus. And long hair. Btw, the guy in the video is bold, if you haven’t looked until now.

You might say they were primitives.

Yeah, well during the Renaissance, men were wearing heels and long hair (and wigs) and tights. Those how were considered the best of the society, the most civilized.

I find it weird when people judge fashion or go like : men wearing tights!! where is this world going!!

Well …it’s going in circles 🙃

All I want to say is that whatever we think right now as being the best, a mark of civilization, will be considered by future generations as signs of being primitives or at least ridiculous.

So judge less, be yourself. Live and let live.

P.S.: we are so wired to judge that we need to teach ourselves not to do it, especially to ourselves. It just happens without us even being aware we are judging.


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