A complete day

Today was a “normal” day.


Been waiting for it for a year and there months.

I met up with a friend, went to a contemporary dance show and then spent some time for a drink with my class mates at the contemporary dance courses at my happy island.

Furthermore, I had a phone conversation with a former university class mate I haven’t spokent to for nine years.

I also did some art work.

It was by all means a full day, more, it was a complete day.

As I got home, I wanted to finish the book I’m reading – Seeing voice by Oliver Sacks, but I realized I have so much thoughts, I cannot focus on it and it is sooo interesting.

One thing that got stuck with me was that signed language is actually our primary language. We first spoke with signs and the brain, at least the child brain, can grasp signs faster than language. So cool! Imagine is you would teach your kids signs for stuff, they might use them before they can use words instead of just crying to express themselves. I have no idea if it would work, but it made me want to have a child to test. 😅 I will not, it does not feel like a good reason. One of the reasons I would not have children is this: I would test theories on them. The other one is that I would not give them the attention they need, which might be more beneficial then testing theories on them. 🙃

I consider myself having a pretty good visual memory. I just spoke today with someone about being able to remember lessons in school because I would remember the information by its place on the page. Therefore I decided to learn sign language. The motivation might not last, but if it does, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Amongst the thoughts that hunt me these days is that I ended up not valuing philosophy very much. I consider the philosopher as a parasite of the society. Please note that not all parasites are bad. Some keep the organism alive. Those are the smart ones as if the organism dies, they die. However, not all philosophers are smart and none of their ideas should be taken as facts because they are not. They are just opinions from other people. Most are average and if an idea is popular is not necessarily true. Just bear that in mind when you quote a philosopher, may he be Aristotle, Kant or Daniel Denett.

Speaking of Aristotle, he said that he can argue for and against an idea with the same conviction and power of persuasion. Why? Ideas are not facts, they are constructs of the human mind aka the spoken language of humans and without us they mean nothing, they stop existing. Ideas are parasites that we have created and the philosopher works with ideas only.

One other interesting thing for Seeing voices is that consciousness was achieved by spoken language, but it can also be achieved through signed language. In other words, once you have a language you are capable of introspection and contemplation and be aware by remembering and conecting events. However, signed language is the true universal language. Even though there is a signed language for every country or even every deaf community, people fluent in a signed language can intuitively learn and understand another signed language without nearly as much effort as it takes for one to learn a foreign spoken language.

Unfortunately, if one does not learn signed language in infancy it is very difficult to become fluent.

Fun fact: signed language from a country is not the exact translation of that country’s spoken language and it has it’s own grammar different from the grammar of the spoken language.


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