Between two heartbeats

I made this work for the Can Art & Design Festival and to my surprise it won a prize.

It is and it isn’t part of the Heavy heart project. I’m kinda playing and experimenting with aluminium cans rather than think of them as a final work.

Recycling aluminium cans, or more specifically, beer cans, is one of my long time favourite pass times, ever since I started the blog Folosestema and I made a frame in the shape of an owl.

I made a heart from aluminium cans last year when I started the ptoject, for no other reason than that I could. I figured back than that this heart would serve no other purpose than to amuse me that I can make it beat.

This just comes to show that you should not stop yourself from doing something just because you do not see the purpose of it on the moment. It may turn out to be just what you needed in the future.

When I saw the festival, the idea to make two half hearts that communicate with each other came on the spot. I set out to do it for the same reason as the initial aluminium heart, just because I can. It was also an opportunity to try out servo motors and the experience helped me with the more complex work that is The muse (the kinetic version).

I also found in Adina Magsi, the general director of Alucro Association, a kind and supportive person and I want to thank her for all the appreciation and help. It means a lot!


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