Speaking of addictions…

My second biggest addiction is music.

I need to listen to music to create or just live. I do like quiet as well but not for long and quite is very hard to achieve. If I get quite at home I can hear birds singing and that is music too.

Like any addiction it always requires more or, in this particular case, new to create the same effect.

Since we’ve been in lockdown I haven’t gotten any new music though, except two or three songs (not sure of Stupid love by Gaga was right before it or right after), but none have really caught me.

Today, while doing the workout session online, I heard a song I liked. The gym is my primary place for getting new music. I love the music the trainer selects and I also connect it with that wonderful vibe of “You got this! You can do it!” (Te duci și faci!).

The song gave me such a good mood and boost of energy that I spent an hour dancing after I finished working out (and, between me and you, the workout ain’t easy at all). It also made the other songs sound fresh and new as well even though I have songs from last summer in the playlist and some oldies but goldies that occasionally come back to hunt me.

I have some tricks for periods when I don’t have new music (new music doesn’t necessarily mean something recently released – it can be a newly discovered composer or singer/band/ song; there are so many, a lifetime isn’t enough to know them all! 👍).

My trick is to switch music styles. Two weeks ago I listen to classical music and all last week I listened to sounds of nature. I do have birds singing live, but water flowing which I adore, and wind blowing, not so much. We had some rain one night. I like the sound of rain too although I don’t like rain itself… Though… It’s not the rain itself I do not like, but the fact that it makes the city feel dirty … ironically. Though sometimes, I like dirty …biking home through the rain, I really enjoy all the splashing 😁

Last weekend I switched to Tibetan music after I went through a bit of harp phase.

So, I guess I set my mind ready to hear something new.

And how beautiful all the songs seem now! New or not! This feeling is addictive! I love it!

I wonder how long it will last this time. Usually, it gets me through a week. And there couldn’t be a better week to need getting through to than this one.


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