My ring obsession

Over the past two years, I developed an obsession for wearing rings. Not just buying them, like with socks (although I have to wear socks, so at least that’s that), but wearing them. All of them if possible.

Recently that is not possible anymore so I switch them around and have periods in which I wear very few or none.

I received a new ring from my mother on the occasion of Easter, which ruins the Joined by fire monopoly over my fingers.

This week I chose to put on my fingers a lot of rings …6 on the right and 3 on the left.

I love the clining sound the rings make when they rub against each other. It also feels like I have an armour. I get a feeling of strength and security / self-assurment from wearing so many rings.

It also explains why Nairobi is my favorite character from La casa del papel. Yeah, it doesn’t take much to impress me. 🤷

However, I do not feel empty without rings. Quite the contrary, I feel free, light and not constraint.

But the constraint that ome with the weight of the rings brings the other two feelings that seem to me more important than comfort or ease.

Fortunately, I have this new activity of mine that constraints me to not wear rings and at the same time gives me strength and self assurance. 🥁

Also, I do not have any attachment to any ring. Proof is that I lost at least six rings last year. No regrets. Maybe right when I realize I lost one, for like 5 seconds or so. 🤷

I may have an obsessive personality but all obsessions I have are temporary, except three so far. They are life long passions. What I am not is addictive. I am convinced I could live without most things in my life that seem important at one time or other.

Needing those things is a choice I make and I can choose differently at any time. I only need a reason…


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