There is a right time for everything…

“There’s a right time for everything.” I hate this saying so so much. But it is true.

There is a right time for everything and I am collecting moments that slip between my fingers and that might have changed the course of what I’m feeling right now.

Like, in October last year, I wanted to tell my dove about the ring I made to keep her with me, but while weighing whether I should or best wait to see her in person, the moment passed away. It didn’t feel right after that, so I didn’t tell her.

I would have liked to think that after the way things …I wouldn’t say evolved since they don’t seem to be going anywhere… …unfolded, I wouldn’t let a moment like that go by again.

Well …yesterday I had another one. She graced me with her attention in a way that speaks volumes that she is bored and again I wanted to tell her something. I thought I would tell her that today, but it doesn’t feel right now.

…all the memories of us that did not happen

So yes, there is a right time for everything, which is the time when something feels right and that time can be so short that if you stop to question yourself or reflect, it goes away.

What got my dove in my life was just going for it without much consideration for the future consequences. I had to trust that I can do what needed to be done and asume anything that comes my way. And mostly, that’s how I treated her, without wondering much what she might think if I do this or that. In fact, I am not afraid of her judgment although I am not indiferent to it either. I just…

…however, sometimes I stop and wonder what if and that has never been good so far… It wasn’t particularly bad either as the time is stopped for this begining of year …and indefinitely.

Wondering “what if” may not be bad but it is useless anyway. 🤷👉


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