This or that

Your choice!

Today, I was supposed to do something for which I had to give up alcohol and coffee for one day-ish. And then I didn’t have to do it. Plus I had to go to work 😅

I thought I would feel frustration or something negative. And I could have.

Instead I focused on the fact that this theory I have of myself that I can give up “bad habits” if I have to and not feel like I’m missing something is true.

I won’t say it made my day a lot better or anything. It surely didn’t make it worst. It just got me thinking that I could have looked at today the other way too: “uh, I gave up something I liked (beer)/ thought I needed (coffee) for nothing.”

Usually, the way we see things aka the way reality is, is all in the mind.

I’m sure there are even more ways I could have looked at today’s events, but I am glad I chose what I chose.

And we always choose, only that sometimes we prefer to fool ourselves into thinking that we don’t. Blame it on instinct, unconscious actions, emotions, others (I like to blame my mum or my cat🤷). However, all are choices we made…we intended to make.

Though sometimes not owning what you do or feel gives you more disponibility to enjoy life, we should own our actions when they turn bad and act to solve the situation we are in, preferably without blaming ourselves in the process. I know you see a contradiction in there, but there isn’t one really. ☺️

This will be the emoji of 2020 for me. I am already abusing it 😆

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