It’s not about that…

Note to self: the new project is not about love. When I say stories that are in our heart, I mean anything that has marked our existence. It doesn’t have to be a loved one and even if it is, it does not have to be about a (ex)lover. Can be mom, grandpa, your first cat, a teacher, you name it. It can not be about a person though, but an event.

The heart is where our strongest memories reside. ( I know biologically it is the brain, go away!) As time passes by, the clarity of the memories fades, but the feelings that we had back then remain strong (or become even stronger… If you feed them – do not feed the feelings! – I should put this on my wall 😅). This is what I want to capture in the new project… The feelings we associate with our memories. Feelings… Not just love… Focus! Focus! Focus!


Et juste pour info: the wolf always wins 😉