Dove brain

My best friend is pregnant and told me a few days ago that Mommy brain is a real thing, that the brain does change when you get pregnant. I’m not surprised.

This got me thinking that I suffer from Dove brain.

What do I mean? I mean I love to love. Not someone in particular, but an image of love. And the feeling itself. I get this from time to time along with the illusion that maybe I do not want to be alone anymore.

Unfortunately, this time the feelings got projected onto a real person. Well… Not sure if she is real anymore. My brain clearly refuses to acknowledge that.

Anyway, I do not have a cure for it other then let everything run its course. I’m sure it will go away as soon as real life will take over: new job, new art project… Possibly new town/country 😯 running away seems like a good idea now 😅

Just a new job will suffice I’m sure… Geez! How I lost the habit of working! What do people do at work I wonder? I forgot. 😅 Fortunately, I still remember why people go to work. 😂

Cheers! 🍻


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