My creations have their own free will

A while ago I wrote about my intention to start a Family. It  began  with a mother and two children… twins. The twins were created to complete the Three friends, which I always felt should be five. But I made those two in a slightly different way than the other three and even if the different part is not a bad thing, on the contrary, at their completion I regarded them more as brothers than friends.


With the intermediate version between Friends and Guardians that I has just finished, I thought they could make a nice family to which I intended to add a bigger brother and a father…


… but They felt different. One of the Twins bent towards the other one as if to kiss him and the idea of lovers slowly crept in my mind.


So, the Twins took a leaf out of Game of Thrones and went for it. They became Lovers and took away my vision of the perfect Family… or simply created another vision of it…9_1

… for perfection is not something to be reached, but something to strive for. It is not necessary for lovers to fit perfectly like yin and yang. They shouldn’t even strive for the same perfection. They simply shouldn’t stop each other from striving for their own perfection and if they could help the other in some small way, then that would be truly perfect.


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  1. That most fortunate funny GoT comparison moment right there was sublime <3.
    Also, your creation looks like something slipping away from the traditional family and coming closer to one based on love and friendship and freedom and who one chooses to share that with, which is always a delightful way to go.

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