Childhood cypresses

When I made my Three friends, I entertained the idea that they should be five. When I made the other two Friends, I used a different type of structure to hold the rope netting and they ended up looking quite different from the other three, which wasn’t bad, but so alike one another that I thought of them more like Brothers rather than just Friends.


Before I started making the Guardians of The Perfect Home, which are two metre high versions of the Friends, I made an intermediate version. I pared it with a Brothers and I plan to start a Family.

Looking at those three object made me think of Van Gogh’s cypresses…


When I realized this, I thought that my attachment to this shape I chose from all the snail shell shapes is deeper than just that this type of shell is an “unconventional” variant of a typical shell.

When I first started taking art classes outside of school, I was about twelve years old. The teacher told me to paint something like I felt painting and I painted with strokes of colors that made it look like… well, the teacher said, a Van Gogh painting… which was to say it was the impression of something with the addition of a violent contrast of a child in need to express herself. Unfortunately, I do not have the drawings and paintings I did back then because I lost them… Back then I didn’t care much because all I wanted was to grow up and evolve and I knew I would do better, but it’s hard to see you’ve evolved if you can’t see where you’re coming from. In my memory the drawings and paintings I did then were better than what I can do now, which is probably wrong, but all the evidence is gone…puf! and memory… is a shady witness.


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