There’s something about the native language…

It is easy for me to write in English, sometimes even easier than writing in Romanian, because I think in English most of the time and because I have to write in English more often, especially since for the past couple of years I applied only to exhibitions abroad. Because of this I wrote my project for The Perfect Home in English, but I decided I should write it in Romanian too. So I ended up in this twisted world where I have to translate something I wrote from English to my native language instead of the other way around. And I couldn’t. I simply had to rewrite everything in Romanian from scratch. What happened is that I felt for the first time what I was writing and that I finally captured what I wanted to say with this project in words. I say the same thing in both versions, but I feel better the Romanian version. That’s why I speak English a lot, because shits sound more serious in Romanian.


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