For the love of books…

When I was in my second year at the University, i was fortunate to be part of a project initiated by Jo Luongo and Daniela Frumuseanu, through which artists from around the world would exchange books made by them for others to complete, called West meets East – A cultural book exchange.

pages from a book in the West meets East project, 2010

 The project gave me the opportunity to express my ideas through making books, collaborate and communicate with other artists. While making my own books, I realized I would rather use existing books and give them a new look and purpose. I would turn the book from an object of use to one of decoration. I worked for a while in an antique store and I started to collect books that were too damaged to be sold and than I took books discarded by friends. I use them to make book-objects and give them a new life, a new way to be read.

The first two books I did this way date from 2010 and reflect my interests of that period. I did a documentation about spiders and their webs for my Bachelor degree project, The weaver, and the books contain webs made of textile fibers.

book detail
Caught in words – detail
full book - front
Caught in words book



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